Dear Gondola Community, it has been a tortuous journey since the launch of Gondola. And we are delighted with what we have achieved so far — providing a unique proposition on the Avalanche ecosystem to bridge fragmented liquidity.

We started our service with the Zero Bridge’s z-tokens pairs, and later expanded our services to RenVM and DCTDAO. Currently, we are proud of our support for the new Avalanche Bridge (AB) .

Through partnership with Zero Exchange (now Relay), Olive Cash and Penguin Finance, we hope to further consolidate our relationship with other projects in the Avalanche ecosystem. …

Dear Gondolians,

On 5th July 6 pm UTC, Our first official voting about returned 2,072 AVAX Fund has ended. Majority of our community (%62) has decided to Buyback rather than an Airdrop with this fund.

Buyback and Burn:

The buyback has been executed on 9th July 6:50am UTC and 8:12am UTC. 15,354,658.15 GDL has been purchased and burnt in this and this transaction.

New Feature : LAUNCH of xGDL

Upon our further investigation and negotiation with our ex-lead developer, he has agreed to return the rest of the fund (which he claimed was what he had mined himself) to us…

Dear community members, yesterday a lot of community members raised the issue of a GDL contract creator address swapping GDL for AVAX. This information has caused a lot of negative speculation among our community. We owe an official statement to our community about this situation.

1. Gondola is a self-funded project from our founding team, @avalancheskier, @Sledge and @Whisi. All our initial developer funds are locked for 6 months, and we have no token allocation in other forms except occasional petty cash payment contingent on contributions.

2. Apart from that, the project team controls the Marketing and Airdrop Campaign Fund…

Many of those in the Avalanche defi community have expressed concern over the existence of a migrator function in our code. The migrator function is a notorious “back-door” that exists in the Masterchef contract that has resulted in numerous rug-pull in the past. For instance, the PopcornSwap rug-pull. This was a legacy feature that came from SushiSwap on Ethereum because they needed to forcibly “migrate” Uniswap LPs into their own SushiSwap LP.

Goose Finance was the first project to publicize this issue and removed the migrator backdoor. However, this requires modifying the contract. Alternatively, most other projects have reacted by…

Dear Gondolians, thank you!!! We have reached nearly $20M TVL in just a week after our launch! This is an insane achievement and we are so grateful for all the trust and support you have given to us.

To celebrate this monumental milestone, as well as to make up for some mistakes during our launch, we have launched our first airdrop campaign!

The airdrop campaign will be divided into 3 parts:

#1: Swapping Airdrop

We would like to incentivize you(!) to try out the Gondola and experience the seamless swapping between the z-tokens and ERC20 tokens on Avalanche! …

Dear Community,

We are sorry for the staking bug we have during the first few hours of our launch. While we have delayed our farming a few days ago, it becomes the exact reason on how the staking bug happened — two contracts, namely the AVAX-GDL pair on Pangolin and GDL-only staking pool, were using wrong timestamp for the start of the reward contract.

We have quickly redeployed new staking contracts and they are now live on For those who have staked in these two pools, you may need to withdraw them via

Again, we sincerely apologize for the mistakes we have made. We will make compensations for those who have suffered from the staking bug in the two pools affected. Details will be announced later.

Gondola Team

We recently received feedback from our friends at Yield Yak on a potential vulnerability that can be caused by an improper Amplification Coefficient “A” configuration. After a detailed review and investigation, the Gondola team made the decision to adjust the parameter and delay our farming launch. Ultimately, while we believe the potential impact is limited, we feel we wanted to be extra careful in protecting the security of our users.


  1. Funds are SAFE. NO ACTION is required
  2. Start of yield farming will be postponed until Monday, May 3 2:00 pm UTC
  3. The Gondola team has adjusted and optimised the…

So many are asking questions like: “What does Gondola Finance do exactly?” “Why is it good for Zero and the Avalanche (AVAX) defi ecosystem?” And “Is it yet another Avalanche AMM?”

We would like to answer these questions through an illustrative case study.

  1. You are a heavy BSC DeFi user. But one day, you occasionally entered Olive Cash in AVAX Chain ( and found that the stablecoin pools there is providing excellent yield (APY: 328%)

2. All of your assets are in BSC. You’ve decided that it’s optimal to sell your BNB into USDT and DAI to participate in the…

Gondola is launching soon at 4/28 2:00 pm UTC!

We have organized a lucky draw campaign on Twitter for our launch.

To participate, you only need to:

  1. Follow our twitter and Retweet;
  2. Leave your c-chain address in the tweet’s reply;
  3. Join our telegram (winners will be announced there).

Campaign start: 4/26 2:00 pm UTC

Campaign end: 5/3 2:00 pm UTC

20 winners will be selected randomly, share a pool of 100,000 GDL. Winners need to accept the prize in Telegram within 2 days after the announcement, and reward will be distributed subsequently within 7 days.

Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Website


Hello everyone! Introducing Gondola Finance. Our journey begins with creating a Stableswap on Avalanche, targeting stablecoin first. However unfortunately the Snowball team has been acting much faster than us (kudos to the team for their speed and good work!), so we need to repivot our work to something else.

A recent tweet from Kevin Sekniqi has divulged our latest attempt — to connect various bridged assets on Avalanche. Different bridged assets result in fragmented liquidity, and they are very difficult to transfer to each other unless users are paying high transaction fees…

Gondola Finance

Connect any asset on Avalanche

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