First Gondola Buyback and Burn

Gondola Finance
1 min readJul 9, 2021


Dear Gondolians,

On 5th July 6 pm UTC, Our first official voting about returned 2,072 AVAX Fund has ended. Majority of our community (%62) has decided to Buyback rather than an Airdrop with this fund.

Buyback and Burn:

The buyback has been executed on 9th July 6:50am UTC and 8:12am UTC. 15,354,658.15 GDL has been purchased and burnt in this and this transaction.

New Feature : LAUNCH of xGDL

Upon our further investigation and negotiation with our ex-lead developer, he has agreed to return the rest of the fund (which he claimed was what he had mined himself) to us, worth 2,800 AVAX.

Our community has been requesting the xGDL token for a long time to incentive Gondola holders. With this opportunity, we are happy to announce launch of xGDL, which will be used to reward GDL long term holders. The newly returned 2,800 AVAX will be used for xGDL related purposes. The launch date and details of xGDL token will be announced later.