Gondola Airdrop Campaign

#1: Swapping Airdrop

  1. Follow us and retweet our airdrop campaign on Twitter
  2. Post your Avalanche C-chain address in the reply of the tweet
  3. Perform at least one swap action (either z-token to ERC20, or ERC20 to z-token) in Gondola during the campaign period

#2: Early Staker Airdrop

#3: Compensation Airdrop

  1. Your maximum pool share between May 3 2:00 pm UTC — 3:30 pm UTC will be calculated. For example, if your share in the GDL staking pool varied “20% → 18% → 44% → 38%”, we will note your maximum pool share as 44%
  2. The maximum pool share will be used to calculate your eligible GDL reward for a 1.5 hour duration. That is, estimated total 333K GDL staking rewards per pool * 1.5/24 * your maximum pool share
  3. A bonus multiplier 2 will be applied to all
  4. If you have staked in both GDL staking pool and AVAX-GDL pool, your airdrop will simply be the sum of the eligible reward for each pools

A numerical example:


How to claim the airdrop?

I am one of the early staker / bug victim. Why I am not eligible for the airdrop?

I am one of the bug victim and I should be eligible for X instead of Y you have airdropped to me.

What happens to unclaimed airdrop?




Connect any asset on Avalanche

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Gondola Finance

Gondola Finance

Connect any asset on Avalanche

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