Gondola Airdrop Campaign

Gondola Finance
3 min readMay 10, 2021

Dear Gondolians, thank you!!! We have reached nearly $20M TVL in just a week after our launch! This is an insane achievement and we are so grateful for all the trust and support you have given to us.

To celebrate this monumental milestone, as well as to make up for some mistakes during our launch, we have launched our first airdrop campaign!

The airdrop campaign will be divided into 3 parts:

#1: Swapping Airdrop

We would like to incentivize you(!) to try out the Gondola and experience the seamless swapping between the z-tokens and ERC20 tokens on Avalanche! Everyone who has followed the below instruction will be eligible for this airdrop:

  1. Follow us and retweet our airdrop campaign on Twitter
  2. Post your Avalanche C-chain address in the reply of the tweet
  3. Perform at least one swap action (either z-token to ERC20, or ERC20 to z-token) in Gondola during the campaign period

All eligible participants will share in a pool of 300,000 GDL!

Campaign period: 10 May 2021 2:00 pm UTC — 17 May 2021 2:00 pm UTC

Airdrop period: 24 May 2021 2:00 pm UTC — 25 June 2:00 pm UTC

#2: Early Staker Airdrop

Were you an early staker in Gondola prior to our farming delay? If yes, you are eligible for our Early Staker Airdrop!

All eligible participants will be rewarded 500 GDL.

Airdrop period: 10 May 2021 2:00 pm UTC — 11 June 2:00 pm UTC

#3: Compensation Airdrop

As we mentioned in our May 2 tweet, we are very sorry for the staking bug during our farming launch. Those who were staked in the GDL-staking pool and AVAX-GDL pool lost their GDL staking rewards in the first 1.5 hours before the bug was fixed.

As a sincere apology from the Gondola Team, we will airdrop compensation for this staking bug based on the following formula:

  1. Your maximum pool share between May 3 2:00 pm UTC — 3:30 pm UTC will be calculated. For example, if your share in the GDL staking pool varied “20% → 18% → 44% → 38%”, we will note your maximum pool share as 44%
  2. The maximum pool share will be used to calculate your eligible GDL reward for a 1.5 hour duration. That is, estimated total 333K GDL staking rewards per pool * 1.5/24 * your maximum pool share
  3. A bonus multiplier 2 will be applied to all
  4. If you have staked in both GDL staking pool and AVAX-GDL pool, your airdrop will simply be the sum of the eligible reward for each pools

A numerical example:

User A’s pool share:

GDL staking pool: 8% → 6% → 0% (Maximum pool share: 8%)

AVAX-GDL pool: 12% → 18% (Maximum pool share: 18%)


(333K * 1.5/12 * 8% + 333K * 1.5/24 * 18%) * 2

= 10,833 GDL

Airdrop period: 10 May 2021 2:00 pm UTC — 11 June 2:00 pm UTC


How to claim the airdrop?

For Early Staker Airdrop and Compensation Airdrop, simply go to the Airdrop tab on the Gondola App. If you are eligible for the airdrop, you will be able to see the Claim button.

For Swapping Airdrop, please follow the above instructions and fulfill all the criteria. The airdrop will start to show up on the airdrop tab after May 24 2:00 pm UTC.

I am one of the early staker / bug victim. Why I am not eligible for the airdrop?

If you believe you fulfilled the early staker / bug victim criteria, please reach out to admins in Gondola Telegram / Discord and provide your C-chain address. We will investigate.

I am one of the bug victim and I should be eligible for X instead of Y you have airdropped to me.

If you believe you are entitled to a larger reward, please reach out to admins in Gondola Telegram / Discord and provide your C-chain address. We will investigate.

What happens to unclaimed airdrop?

The Gondola Team will recycle them for future airdrop campaigns.