Gondola Roadmap

Gondola Finance
2 min readAug 26, 2021


Dear Gondola Community, it has been a tortuous journey since the launch of Gondola. And we are delighted with what we have achieved so far — providing a unique proposition on the Avalanche ecosystem to bridge fragmented liquidity.

We started our service with the Zero Bridge’s z-tokens pairs, and later expanded our services to RenVM and DCTDAO. Currently, we are proud of our support for the new Avalanche Bridge (AB) .

Through partnership with Zero Exchange (now Relay), Olive Cash and Penguin Finance, we hope to further consolidate our relationship with other projects in the Avalanche ecosystem. Only by collaborating can we grow together as a whole.

The community has long asked us for a roadmap. And now it is time for us to clarify what we are going to do in the coming future. In the short-run, the xGDL launch is definitely the top priority. We are also working on a complete revamp of out frontend. And in the medium to long term, we hope to further enhance our multi-chain strategy to expand our service to other blockchains, and also facilitate the smooth token transfer between them.

Lastly, Gondola, as a fair launch project, will definitely become decentralized. We will open up voting to the community after xGDL is live, and gradually shift ourselves into a DAO.

Finally the Roadmap for Gondola:

Quarter 3 2021

· xGdl Launch.

· User Interface Update

· Weekly Community activities

· QUARTER 4 2021

· Enhance multi-chain strategy

· Community Votings

· Fee Distribution for xGDL

· Gondola Lending via stable tokens

· Transition to DAO